Patient Testimonials

“I have been seeing Dr. Straus for around 12 years and have been very satisfied with the dental care he and his staff have provided over the years. What I like most about the office is the comfortable massage chairs and the overhead TV. As for the staff, Susan seems to know her patients interest because each time I visit she puts the sports channel on for me to watch while she cleaned my teeth. The staff is very friendly and always have smiles on their faces. Keep up the good work.”

–Tom W.

“Staff is always pleasant and patient focused. Office is aesthetically pleasing and clean. Parking is never a problem.”

–Maureen P.

“I can always trust that the staff will know what is best for my teeth, genuinely want to fix any problems that I have (even answering phone calls on weekends if I have an emergency), and make any necessary procedures as easy and painless as possible. I am very thankful for and impressed by all of your hard work and dedication, and I am lucky to have you for my dental care providers for literally my entire life. Thank you!”

–Brooke H.

“When my long-time dentist retired a few years ago, I put off finding a new dentist for at least a year, letting the anxiety of trying someone new get the best of me. From the very first visit, my appointments with Dr. Straus have been wonderful. He and the entire staff are amazing. Mostly recently, Amanda assisted him when I had two crowns done. What a gem she is! She offered so much information and answered every question I had. And Dr. Straus’ manner and concern for my comfort helped so much in alleviating my anxiety. Thank you for helping to calm my fears of the dentist chair.”

–Ann L.

“Having Susan as my Dental Hygienist–she is so very pleasant to talk with and gentle with teeth cleaning.”

–Sharon R.

“Going to the dentist is not my favorite pass time. I think I should be knocked out before I open my moth. The entire staff at Dr. Straus’ office are quick to put me at ease. They make me feel like they truly care about me as a person, not just a dollar sign. I consider them as a part of my Family. They nurture my health as well as my spirit.”

–Ressie S.

“Dr. Straus – I know many people make jokes about how they hate going to the dentist, but you and your staff make it a pleasure. Gentle cleaning, an unhurried atmosphere, and extra amenities (like the TV and massage chair) are appreciated! Even the waiting rooms is nice, with mini-refrigerator and water bottles! And I love the John Rolfe location. I am also appreciative that you do not push services I don’t need or want – I am glad that the health of my teeth and gums comes first!”

–Paula D.

“Friendly and genuine staff. Dr. Straus I really appreciate that you and your staff always have time to talk to me and answer my questions. I have never felt rushed as if you want to just go on to the next patient. Not sure how you do it because I am sure your staff is like this to everyone. Yet I cannot remember being kept waiting for more then a few minutes in the waiting room or the exam rooms. If it wasn’t for you and your staff I would really dread having to go to the ‘dentist’. Thank you!”

–Mary Jo D.

“By far the best dentist and staff that I have ever had the pleasure of serving my dental care. From the Hygienist that did my cleaning to the excellent work that Dr. Straus did–and especially to the awesome assistant–who was the most pleasant young lady that was with me the whole time during my visit. I can’t THANK YOU enough. I would recommend you and your staff to everyone. From the time you walk in the door,during the visit, and until the time you leave, you feel comfortable and know that you are in the most professional yet caring environment that is possible, for anyone to offer in any medical field. Again THANK YOU and I look forward to visiting you again.”

–Allen D.