Young couple having snowball fightDo you have a sore jawbone or trouble chewing? Are your teeth sore or sensitive? Do you have a headache regularly? Are you having migraines that don’t seem to quit? Is it painful to smile because your jaw hurts? Are your teeth ground down or even feeling loose? Does it sometimes hurt to even open your mouth to eat and laughing hurts because your jaw won’t let you open your mouth? Do you get a headache just from chewing or laughing? Do you wake up with a headache? All of these ailments are symptoms or signs of TMD or temporomandibular disorders.

TMD affects the temporomandibular joint or TMJ. There are a lot of reasons why you might have TMD, which simply put, is problems with your TMJ. Dr. Han can help find the cause, which could be injury, improper teeth alignment, grinding your teeth or other issues. And stress usually exacerbates this TMD. No matter what the cause, TMD can go from a painful and annoying headache to even a more debilitating issue. Dr. Han and his friendly, well-trained staff at Advanced Dental Care of Richmond care about your your TMJ and the pain caused by TMD pain. We can partner with you and can offer you some solutions.

TMJ Treatments

Treatment could be as simple as an NTI appliance or even meditation to relieve the pain or headache you are feeling. The NTI appliance — a type of mouthguard — might be able to help. The NTI appliance is a system that suppresses tension, meaning it prohibits you from grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw. This brings the action that is either causing or worsening your TMD and the painful symptoms on your TMJ that accompany this disorder.

straus17The NTI appliance is a bite guard, as opposed to the oft-used night guards. Night guards keep you from grinding your teeth, but don’t prohibit the clenching of your jaw, so your jaw still hurts, even though your teeth are being protected. NTI actually stands for a reflex called “nociceptive trigeminal inhibitory.”

You know when you bite down on something that’s hard and your mouth pops open immediately? This is the NTI at work. With an NTI appliance, it stimulates this response and keeps your mouth from clenching, which not only protects your teeth but keeps your jaw from aching. This device is easy to create for you as it doesn’t require any molds to be taken. We can supply it for you within 30 minutes, right in our office!

If your TMD isn’t that severe and you don’t need the device, we can offer you some stress reducing methods that might be able to take care of your TMD without any other treatments.

Call our office today and let us help you with your TMD and give your TMJ a rest! We want you to feel great and keep your smile healthy too!