What Is Dental Erosion?

Dental erosion is when acid wears away tooth enamel. Enamel is the hard, protective coating of the tooth that protects the part of the tooth that’s outside the gums. Enamel is translucent, but the dentine underneath can either be white or various shades of yellow. Although enamel protects your teeth from food and drink, consuming acidic beverages and grinding your teeth can permanently remove your mouth’s most important protection. Unlike a broken bone that repairs itself over time, tooth enamel has no living cells and once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

Protecting tooth enamel is critical for maintaining overall oral health. Strong tooth enamel keeps teeth white, healthy, and free from cavities. The best ways to keep enamel strong is by avoiding sugar drinks, consistently brushing and flossing, and regularly visiting your dentist. For those living in and around Richmond, Virginia, Dr. Straus and his team at Advanced Dental Care of Richmond are here to help. Our cutting-edge dental equipment enables us to provide various dental services such as preventive treatment, teeth whitening and sedation dentistry. Call our offices at 804-741-4177 or visit our website

What Causes Dental Erosion?

Dental erosion is caused by friction, stress, and/or corrosion. The tooth-to-tooth friction that results from teeth grinding will quickly wear down tooth enamel. Also, chewing on hard objects such as fingernails or pen caps will wear the enamel surface. Stress fractures from tooth cracks allow acids to bypass enamel and permanently damage the delicate dentine underneath. To avoid physical causes of dental erosion, stop chewing hard objects, and, if you have a cracked tooth, see a dentist right away.

At Advanced Dental Care of Richmond, Dr. Straus offers premium cosmetic dentistry. Those with cracked or chipped teeth can restore their smile with bonded veneers. Veneers are shells that are bonded to the front of the tooth, restoring your smile to its beautiful, natural state. Also, we offer dental crown treatment for patients with damaged or misshapen teeth. Studies show that a good smile can improve self-esteem. If you have a broken or misshapen tooth, call Dr. Straus today!

The most common cause of dental erosion is excessive soft drink consumption. Sodas have high levels of phosphoric and citric acid. Fruit drinks likewise have highly erosive ingredients. Heavy drinking of sugary or alcoholic beverages can dehydrate your mouth and inhibit saliva production. This can cause acids to remain on your teeth and eat away their protective enamel. Whenever you’re craving a sugary drink, pair it with water to stay hydrated.

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