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Severe Damage, Seamless Repairs

Countless individuals nationwide grapple with the daunting reality of lost or significantly misshapen teeth, which takes a toll on self-esteem and often leads to hesitations in smiling, socializing, and even speaking in public. Basic daily activities, like eating, become a painful task with missing teeth.

In Richmond, VA, Advanced Dental Care of Richmond is a multi-specialty practice dedicated to crafting customized full-mouth dental implants to restore missing teeth and rejuvenate severely damaged smiles. Our team leverages cutting-edge dental technology to deliver transformative smile restoration, providing patients with a complete smile on the same day.

Unmatched Fit. Undeniable Comfort

When choosing between full mouth dental implants and dentures, full mouth dental implants present superior fit, enhanced usability, and significantly improved comfort. Unlike dentures, full mouth dental implants are permanently anchored to the jaw, ensuring they remain secure without slipping or shifting over time.

Full arch dental implants contribute to the preservation of jaw strength and integrity while avoiding potential harm to adjacent soft tissues— a notable departure from dentures, known for gum irritation and consequential bone loss. Compared to the outdated technology of dentures, full mouth dental implants offer a more comfortable fit and heightened durability. With regular oral hygiene practices, full arch dental implants can endure for decades, resembling genuine teeth’ natural look and feel.

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Am I a Candidate for Full Arch Dental Implants?

Becoming a candidate for full mouth dental implants involves a comprehensive evaluation by our experienced team. Ideal candidates for full arch dental implants typically include individuals with multiple missing or severely damaged teeth who seek a permanent and stable solution. During the initial consultation, we assess the health of your gums, jawbone structure, and overall oral health. Advanced digital diagnostics may create a precise treatment plan tailored to your needs. Factors such as overall health, bone density, and commitment to oral hygiene are crucial in determining candidacy. Our expertise ensures that each candidate receives personalized guidance, making the transformative treatment to full mouth dental implants a viable and rewarding option for reclaiming a confident and complete smile.

Am I A Candidate for Dental implants?

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From Insurance to Financing, We Got You Covered

At Advanced Dental Care of Richmond, we understand that investing in full mouth dental implants is a significant decision, and we’re committed to making this transformative treatment accessible for our patients. We gladly accept various dental insurance plans to help offset costs and maximize coverage. Recognizing the diverse financial situations of our patients, we also offer multiple third-party financing options.

These flexible financing plans are designed to accommodate various budgets, allowing you to easily proceed with your full mouth dental implant treatment. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to assisting you in navigating insurance details and exploring financing solutions, ensuring the path to a confident and complete smile is as financially feasible as rewarding.

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