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Fear No More

Dental anxiety can hinder individuals from seeking professional care, stemming from concerns about perceived pain and discomfort during procedures such as full mouth dental implants . Triggers for anxiety include drills, needles, dental smells, and negative past experiences. Advanced Dental Care of Richmond in Richmond, VA, understands these concerns and prioritizes patient comfort alongside delivering exceptional dentistry.

We foster a positive atmosphere, provide comfortable amenities, and incorporate minimally invasive dental technology. If dental fear is holding you back, our team offers sedation dentistry to minimize anxiety and ensure you receive the essential dental care you deserve.

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for Me?

Versatile Dentures Address Various Needs

At Advanced Dental Care, we offer complete and partial dentures in Richmond, VA. The type of denture we recommend is based on your extent of tooth loss, condition of your remaining teeth, unique smile goals and budget. We also offer implant supported dentures that are a type of hybrid that can be fabricated as a removable or fixed prosthesis for greater stability and function. If you’re looking for an affordable denture near you, we’re dedicated to delivering the most optimal solutions to restore your oral health and smile aesthetics. To make getting top-quality dentures in Richmond, VA an attainable dream, we offer highly competitive prices, partner with insurance companies and offer third-party financing .

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral sedation is a form of dental anesthesia given to patients in a tablet up to an hour before their appointment. This convenient and effective sedation dentistry option alleviates anxiety during dental procedures. Taken before the appointment, the medication induces a calming effect, allowing patients to stay conscious while feeling relaxed. This form of sedation dentistry is well-suited for individuals with mild to moderate dental anxiety. Patients often experience a hazy or forgetful memory of the procedure, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a less invasive way to manage anxiety during dental visits.

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Nitrous Oxide

Commonly known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide has been a staple in dental anesthesia since the mid-1800s. Administered as a colorless gas mixed with oxygen through a small mask over the nose, it effectively alleviates mild to moderate dental anxiety and promotes relaxation. While under nitrous oxide, patients remain conscious, experiencing a sense of well-being and relaxation.

Once the nitrous oxide is discontinued, a few minutes of breathing pure oxygen follow, and the effects wear off quickly, often leaving patients with little memory of the procedure. This form of sedation dentistry has no lingering side effects, allowing patients to drive themselves home.

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IV Sedation

IV sedation dentistry, administered intravenously, is a powerful and advanced form of dental anesthesia that places patients in a sleeplike state during dental procedures. This sedation dentistry method is particularly beneficial for patients with severe dental anxiety or those undergoing extensive treatments. The amnesic properties of IV sedation typically result in limited or no recollection of the procedure. Due to potential lingering effects, patients are advised to arrange for transportation home after their dental visit.

The High Cost of Dental Neglect

Neglecting dental visits can result in pain, overall health issues, heightened anxiety, and the necessity for more intricate and costly dental treatments. Insufficient dental care raises the risk of tooth decay, and when extensive cavities arise, more invasive procedures like crowns or root canals become necessary. Tooth loss due to untreated issues may lead to functional and aesthetic challenges, requiring interventions such as dental bridges or implants .

Avoiding dental care can escalate to gum disease, which, when progressing to periodontitis, may cause systemic infections and complications, particularly for individuals with pre-existing conditions like diabetes, respiratory disease, or heart disease. Timely diagnosis and treatment of gum disease are crucial for preserving natural teeth and overall health.

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Personalized and Painless Care

At Advanced Dental Care of Richmond, we believe no one should endure the negative effects of dental fear, so we advocate for sedation dentistry in Richmond, VA. As our patients, we take the time to understand your unique needs, ensuring a tailored and fear-free dental care experience. Our commitment to painless treatment extends from initial consultation to payment.

We streamline insurance claims, accept coverage from various providers, and collaborate with third-party financing companies to offer accessible options. Don’t let dental anxiety compromise your overall health – inquire about dental anesthesia and experience life-changing, comfort-focused dental care with us.

Enjoy Your Dental Visits Once Again!

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