Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening - Advanced Dental Care of RichmondHaving bright, white teeth using a teeth whitening treatment is one the greatest advantages cosmetic dentistry provides for you today. At Advanced Dental Care of Richmond, Dr. Han offers you teeth bleaching treatments because he wants you to be happy to share a gorgeous, startlingly white smile whenever you want. Is your sister getting married soon? Well then, begin one of our tooth whitening procedures now and you will have glowing white teeth in a fantastic smile before you know it!

Types of Teeth Whitening

At Home Teeth Whitening:

We offer the custom trays using the Discus Zoom products for at home teeth whitening treatments, . These teeth whitening products from Zoom using new HealthyWhite teeth whitening technology, DayWhite and NiteWhite have been formulated to improve the surface and luster of your teeth’s enamel while they whiten. It’s contained in our improved teeth bleaching formula and also features better flavor, 25% more potassium nitrate and the triple-power of ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate), which makes for an at home tooth whitening treatment you will love.

In Office Teeth Bleaching:

For in office teeth bleaching treatments, we offer the Ultradent tooth whitening solution. If you want white teeth immediately, using an in office teeth bleaching procedure is awesome. The Ultradent Opalescence in-office teeth whitening treatment gives you results in only one office visit. You walk out with a fabulous, bright white smile! Be ready for your sister’s wedding photo shoots with confidence. Opalescence Boost has PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride). Potassium nitrate has been formulated to help diminish sensitivity. Fluoride has been shown to help reduce cavities and strengthen your teeth’s enamel. Together this teeth bleaching formula helps to improve the overall health of the teeth. The teeth bleaching process is chemically activated, so we don’t use a hot, uncomfortable light for our teeth whitening process.

Contact Us Today for a Brighter Smile

Having a dazzling smile feels so good, such a confidence boost. But the ease and simplicity of the teeth whitening systems we offer will give you a dazzling smile so quick, you will be amazed. Call us today and let us give you a tooth whitening treatment that will get your smile the whitest it can be!