Is Chewing Sugar Free Gum Good for your Teeth?

Studies show that chewing sugar-free gum 20 minutes after a meal is good for your teeth. The motion of chewing gum increases saliva flow. Saliva contains bacteria-fighting substances that wash teeth and strengthen tooth enamel. Although chewing gum containing sugar can increase the risk of cavity, sugar-free gum is beneficial for your teeth.

While chewing gum after meals can provide an additional tooth cleansing, consistent brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits are crucial to the healthy maintenance of your teeth. Dr. Straus and his team at Advanced Dental Care of Richmond proudly help families repair and maintain their smiles. Our cutting-edge dental equipment allows us to provide a variety of services such as sedation dentistry, laser treatment, and advanced cosmetics. Call our offices today at 804-741-4177 or schedule an appointment online.

Xylitol Removes Tooth Bacteria

Xylitol is a gum sweetener that inhibits the growth of Streptococcus mutans, one of the bacteria that cause cavities. Chewing gum with xylitol removes this bacteria’s ability to stick to the tooth. Regularly exposing teeth to xylitol changes the type of bacteria that survive on tooth surfaces and leads to an overall cleaner mouth.

Research also shows that xylitol can repair damage to the enamel by stimulating saliva glands. Saliva production is the body’s way of cleaning and maintaining a healthy mouth. Eating sugar foods creates an acid attack on your mouth that creates cavities. If brushing is not an option, chewing gum with xylitol can keep a neutral pH level in your mouth and stop acidic plaque from building up in and around your teeth

Brush, Floss, and Regularly Visit Your Dentist

Regardless of the benefits of chewing gum after meals, it is not an adequate replacement for regularly brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist. The ADA recommends brushing twice a day and cleaning plaque between your teeth once a day. Visiting a dentist at least every six months (sooner if you have cavities or gum disease) is also essential for maintaining healthy teeth.

The expert team at Advanced Dental Care of Richmond is dedicated to helping families repair and maintain healthy smiles. For over 25 years, we have provided quality dental care for families around the Richmond area. We offer dental cleanings and preventive, relaxation, and cosmetic dentistry. Those looking to maintain a healthy body and mouth will love our preventive dentistry services. We assess your bite, conduct a cavity exam, check the gums, and screen for oral cancer. Dr. Straus and his local team will help your family save money and pain in the long run by stopping cavities before they become worse.

Call or Schedule an Appointment Today!

To learn about other simple tips such as chewing gum after a meal, make an appointment with Dr. Straus today! Call 804-741-4177, or fill out our online contact form.

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Can You Regrow Enamel?

Enamel is the clear, protective coat around your teeth that protects them from cavities. Forgetting to routinely brush, flush, and visit your dentist can allow plaque to collect inside your mouth. Plaque contains bacteria that release acids when they come in contact with sugar. These acids can eat through enamel and cause tooth decay, cavities, and yellow teeth. Enamel protects the white part of dentine, and acids that eat through it can cause the teeth to yellow. Taking care of tooth enamel leads to a healthy mouth and, in turn, a healthier body.

Unfortunately, a lifetime of eating and drinking can chip and wear away tooth enamel. Unlike broken bones, once tooth enamel is gone, it’s gone for good. It is the hardest tissue in the body, but it can be naturally regenerated. Learning about how to fortify existing tooth enamel is vital to improving your oral health.

When it comes to strengthening tooth enamel, nothing beats a good ol’ trip to the dentist. Daily brushing and flossing eliminates plaque from your mouth, and visiting the dentist every six months ensures that damaged enamel doesn’t go untreated. For the last 25 years, Dr. Straus and his team have used cutting-edge dental technology to restore and repair smiles in the Richmond area. When patients come in for a dental cleaning, they reduce the risk of tooth decay and enamel loss. Also, they could avoid gum disease, get a brighter smile, and improve the overall feel of their teeth. To schedule an appointment, call 804-741-4177 or visit our website.

Fluoride Toothpaste and Emerging Technology

Since tooth enamel doesn’t grow back, patients must find alternative ways to protect their teeth. Toothpaste that contains fluoride will push calcium and phosphates back onto the tooth and harden the remaining enamel. The acid produced by mouth-bacteria removes minerals from the teeth, but fluoride will transfer calcium and phosphate back onto the tooth. Next time you’re buying toothpaste, look for the official ADA seal to make sure the toothpaste contains fluoride.

Last year, Japanese scientists developed a thin film that fits around the teeth and acts as a pseudo enamel. Although many agree that it’s a promising start, most dentists aren’t convinced it’s a complete solution. In the future, more enamel replacements are likely to enter the market. For now, we recommend daily brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist.

Call Today for Clean Teeth

If you’re experiencing a toothache, or it’s been awhile since you’ve had your teeth cleaned, call Advanced Dental Care of Richmond today at 804-741-4177. Our teeth cleanings will help you maintain a healthy mouth. Patients who have anxiety about visiting the dentist will love our relaxation and sedation dentistry.

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What is Dental Anxiety?

If the idea of going to the dentist makes your palms sweat and your heart race, you may be experiencing a condition known as dental anxiety. Dental anxiety occurs when a person feels abnormally nervous or fearful about going to the dentist. Sometimes this alarm can progress into dental phobia, which is indicated by an overwhelming, irrational sense of fear that can keep someone from going to the dentist at all.

At Advanced Dental Care of Richmond, we believe your dental experience should be as relaxing and stress-free as possible. We understand your fears and have been thoroughly trained to assist patients experiencing nervousness and anxiety. Read on to learn more about what dental anxiety is and how you can manage it for your next appointment.

What are The Symptoms and Causes of Dental Anxiety?

Most people express similar concerns and feelings about going to the dentist. If you experience one or more of the feelings below, you may want to speak with your dentist about the options they can provide to ease anxiety and nervousness. Symptoms of dental anxiety include:

• Feeling tense or irritable in the days leading up to your appointment. Sometimes this includes an inability to sleep on the night before your appointment.
• Sitting in the waiting room increases your anxiety or your heart begins to beat faster upon hearing your name called.
• Feeling like you want to cry or leave before or during your appointment. The sight and sound of dental instruments tends to increase your feelings of anxiety.
• Physical symptoms like stomach aches, nausea or headaches may pop up before or during your appointment.
• A sense of panic or feeling like you can’t breathe when your mouth is open during your appointment.

Now that you have a good sense of what dental anxiety looks like, let’s explore some of causes for dental anxiety. Sometimes, simply understanding your fears can help to ease your mind and transform your dental appointments. We’ll take a look at the most common reasons for anxiety during check-ups and procedures.

Fear of pain: Pain is the most common fear for both adults and children going to see the dentist. It usually stems from a previously difficult dental experience, but thankfully, advances in dental care have made processes like check-ups, cleanings and cavity fillings virtually pain-free.

Feeling out of control or helpless: Many people dislike the idea that they can’t see or understand what’s going on while the dentist is working in their mouth. They feel exposed and vulnerable which leads to feelings of anxiety and tension. If this is one of your concerns, speak with your dentist about your fears as they may be able to ease your nerves before or during your appointment.

Feeling embarrassed: If you’ve had trouble maintaining healthy teeth and gums in the past, you may feel slightly embarrassed about the state of your mouth. It can also make people nervous to have dentists and hygienists so close to their personal space. It’s helpful to remember that dentists don’t expect you to have perfect oral health and that their job is to help you fix these issues moving forward.

What Can You Do About Dental Anxiety?

At Advanced Dental Care of Richmond, we believe one of the best ways to ease dental anxiety is through sedation dentistry. We offer many options, from nitrous oxide to IV sedation, and Dr. Straus has made significant efforts to stay updated in the field of sedation dentistry. If dental anxiety is interfering with your oral care, please don’t hesitate to call our office to discuss your options. We’re confident we can find something to fit your needs. Call 804-741-4177 to set your appointment or click here for more information.

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Oral Cancer and the Velscope

In an effort to give you the best care and stay abreast of the latest technology, we have purchased a new instrument, THE VELSCOPE, for our office.

This is a non-invasive, hand held light that emits a cone of blue light into the mouth. Because changes in the natural fluorescence of healthy tissues occur when there are changes in the cells, looking at the tissues through the special eyepiece allows us to spot possible tumors at the very earliest possible stage. The Velscope allows us to see changes even before those changes can be felt or are evident with the naked eye.

The American Cancer society estimates that there are 30,000 new cases of various types of oral cancer diagnosed each year…and only half survive 5 years. We have always performed oral cancer screening for you at every exam- but this device allows us to “look deeper” and more accurately to better protect you.

The current recommendation is that the Velscope be used once a year. We strongly agree….and that’s why we’ve invested in this potentially life saving instrument. While this is recognized and recommended by the American Cancer Society and the American dental association, some insurance will not cover this procedure. We strongly recommend that you include this diagnostic opportunity in your regular care even though your insurance may not cover it.

Your health and well being is our greatest concern…and we’ll always bring you the best and latest advances that benefit your health.

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We are too! That’s why we want you to know the facts about the x-rays taken in our office. At Advanced Dental Care, we use digital X-ray to minimize your exposure. The following exposures of bone marrow to radiation during typical medical and dental x-ray examinations are listed below in millirems, a measurement of radiation. Take a look at how dental x-rays compare to other forms of diagnostic films.

The annual maximum occupational exposure for U.S. radiation workers has been set at 5,000 millirems. Low doses spread out over a period of time are not as harmful as larger doses at once because the body has time to recover.

HIGH DOSE GR Pelvimetry: examination to evaluate
proportions of the birth canal 875
Mammography: breast examination 1000
Lower Spine 450
Middle Spine 347

Abdomen 147
Ribs 143
Pelvis 133
Skull 78
Hip 72

Cervical Spine (neck) 52
Femur (upper leg) 21
Dental (Full mouth series) with Film 10
Dental (Panorex) with Film 2
Dental (Bitewing) with Film less than 0.5
Dental (Full mouth series) with Digital less than 1
Dental (Bitewing) with Digital less than 0.05

You would have to take 2,000 dental x-rays to equal the radiation in 1 mammogram! We would have to take almost 10,000 dental x-rays to reach your maximum safe yearly dose!

To put things in perspective, each time you fly from coast to coast on an airplane you receive 4 millirems of background radiation, or the equivalent of 8 DENTAL BITEWING X-RAYS. Just as well, there is background radiation from concrete buildings, roads, and of course the sun! Just standing around outside for several minutes, you receive more than 3 bitewing x-rays worth of radiation every day!

In fact, several radiologists have published papers indicating low level doses of radiation actually reduce cancer risks!

When you weigh these facts against the serious, progressive disease processes such as cavities, gum disease, abscesses, and cancer that can go undetected without x-rays, it seems like a pretty fair, and extremely safe, trade off.

There is no question that having your dental x-rays taken regularly is well worth it!

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Sedation Dentistry Offers New Solution to Age-Old Problem

Sedation Dentistry Offers New Solution to Age-Old Problem

(Richmond, Virginia) – How are more and more dentists helping people get over their dental anxieties? Cutting-edge dentists across the country are offering patients the opportunity to comfortably nap through even the most complex dental procedures. Sound like a dream come true? For many—especially the estimated 35 million Americans who suffer from dental phobia—it is.

It’s called sedation dentistry, and now, by taking a few tiny pills, patients can comfortably nap through their dental procedures. Though other sedation techniques have been available throughout the history of dentistry, oral sedation has recently become a preferred method for many patients.

“Many people are beginning to rely on sedation dentistry as a solution to their dental anxieties. People who haven’t seen a dentist in over 20 years are coming in for sedation dentistry because it offers a pain-free and anxiety-free solution,” says Dr. Frank Straus, a Crown Council dentist who practices in Richmond. Dr. Straus has been offering sedation dentistry to his patients for over 20 years.

Once sedated, patients remain responsive throughout the procedure, but do not feel a thing and often have no memory of the procedure. Some sedation patients have claimed that they didn’t even know they were in the dentist’s office, and that they felt no pain the next day, even after the sedation had worn off.

“Sedation dentistry allows me to offer patients a way to receive the treatment they need in a comfortable and pain-free way,” says Dr. Frank Straus. “Patient anxiety has always been one of the biggest professional obstacles that dentists face, but with new methods of treatment such as sedation, we are seeing that stigma starting to decline.”

Another advantage of sedation dentistry is that more work can be completed in a single visit, which means fewer appointments for patients. With sedation dentistry, patients can have years of dental neglect corrected, or receive a cosmetic smile makeover, in total comfort in just one or two visits.

“There’s nothing more satisfying than helping a patient in a way they are totally comfortable with,” says Dr. Frank Straus.

For more information about Dr. Frank D. Straus, DDS, FAGD, or to schedule an interview, contact Vicky Beall at 804-741-4177.

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Smiles for Life Campaign to Benefit Children’s Charities


(Richmond, VA) Smile — It’s time again for the Crown Council’s Smiles for Life campaign. This March through June, local Crown Council dentist, Dr. Frank Straus, is offering teeth whitening services at a reduced price, and will donate 100 percent of the proceeds to help children facing serious health and educational problems in Richmond and communities throughout North America.

“The teeth whitening procedure is quick and painless, with excellent results,” explains Dr. Straus, a Crown Council dentist located in Richmond. “Most importantly, a few minutes in the chair can help touch a child’s life forever.”

The Smiles for Life Foundation is the children’s charity organization of the Crown Council, an organization of leading-edge dentists participating throughout North America. Each year over a four-month period, Crown Council dentists participating in the Smiles for Life campaign offer professional teeth whitening services at a considerably reduced price and donate 100 percent of the proceeds to children’s charities. Yet, Dr. Straus has always taken the campaign a step further and donates his teeth whitening proceeds throughout the remainder of the year to two local charities, the YMCA Seeds of Hope Foundation and the St. Francis Home. The Crown Council’s Smiles for Life Foundation has raised more than $15 million since 1998, benefiting nearly 300 children’s charities across North America. Since joining the campaign, Dr. Straus has raised $20,000.

“Smiles for Life allows a person to help children in need by doing something that benefits them as well,” explains Greg Anderson, director of the Crown Council. “Dr. Straus and his team donate their time and expertise, while Discus Dental provides all supplies. You receive a brighter smile, and, best of all, provide children with a brighter future.”

This year, for the first time, 50 percent of all Smiles for Life proceeds will be donated to children’s charities designated by the participating dentists. As his Smiles for Life partner, Dr. Straus will continue his contribution to the local YMCA Seeds of Hope Foundation and the St. oHome. The remaining 50 percent will be donated to the Garth Brooks’ “Teammates for Kids” Foundation.

Gift certificates for teeth whitening services with participating Crown Council dentists are also available at the office of Dr. Frank Straus and online until Valentine’s day at These certificates are a perfect gift idea for loved ones for Valentine Day, wedding showers, birthdays and other special occasions.

For more information about Smiles for Life, visit

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